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Please note that due to our expenses, we are unable to provide you with low quantities.

Price examples:

Best seller for US Dollars for example is the 10000 USD worth package, which costs 1000 USD in total including regular shipping (7 to 14 days). We recommend that first time customers begin with packages of no more than 20000 of a currency. 

*Prices are subject to change. How much we charge depends entirely on the shipping and production expenses. For orders > 30000 of a currency, discounts are available.*

Bitcoin payments are recommended as transactions cannot be tracked, meaning it is safer for you and us. In case you are living in a country where bitcoin payments are not allowed, or you are experiencing some difficulties , we may offer alternatives like MoneyGram or Western Union. Please note that if you decide to be a regular customer, you will need to set up a Bitcoin account.

You can also use moneygram for ordering fake money           Western Union can be used for paying for counterfeit banknotesBitcoin is as accepted method for buying counterfeit money   


Select a currency that you are interested in.
Note that the minimum order quantity varies for each currency but is usually 5000 worth of a currency.
Ask any questions that you may have regarding your order. We will be more than happy to answer.


Contact us on WhatsApp to order counterfeit moneyWhatsApp: +359 8779 35060 (Worldwide) or +44 7537 185700 (For UK)